ArcAngel Testimonials

Here's what some of our customers have to say about ArcAngel?


Mr Allen. Farmer. Preston, Lancs

In November 2014 Mr Allen a farmer fell and sustained an incapacitating ankle injury whilst working in a remote field.

"If it had not been for ArcAngel I dread to think what the consequences could have been, the ability to pinpoint my position by GPS was nothing but remarkable"

Mr King. Site Manager Secondary College. Bootle, Merseyside

All staff on evening emergency call out, as lone workers, are issued with ArcAngel. In December 2014 an alarm was activated at the college. On attendance at 0200 hrs Mr Jenkins found a window had been forced open. Unsure of whether intruders were inside the building Mr Jenkins activated his ArcAngel and through SeftonArc Police assistance arrived. Fortunately on this occasion no intruders were present.

"The ArcAngel has proved to be an invaluable tool for those on call and a must to meet our duty of care to employees."

Jane Tither. Drug Counsellor. Toxteth, Liverpool

Jane’s work can sometimes put her in uncertain situations -therefore a decision was made to provide all employees with lone worker devices. Jane unfortunately had cause to activate hers.

"I found myself in a bit of a compromising situation with a client who quickly became extremely agitated and then became aggressive towards me, I pressed my lone worker device to get out of the situation as soon as I could.

Within minutes my line manager arrived followed a short time later by the police. Although the client initially denied that the incident had actually occurred. Thankfully the lone worker device meant that SeftonArc staff, who had monitored the conversation, had the recording which corroborated my version of the events.

The lone worker device makes me feel much safer, I can’t imagine going into a session without one now."

Mrs Burrows. Age 51. Southport, Merseyside

In January 2015 Mrs. Burrows' mother who lives in Cumbria suffered a fall and was unable to get up without assistance, she pressed her ArcAngel and subsequently we were able to contact her next door neighbour who rendered immediate assistance.

"I can't thank SeftonArc enough for the service they provided, living such a long distance away from my mother used to make me constantly worry but ArcAngel gives much needed reassurance - they are a lifesaver."

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