The Department of Health defines Telecare as:  “Personal and environmental sensors in the home that enable people to remain safe and independent in their own home for longer.  24 hour monitoring ensures that, should an event occur, the information is acted upon immediately and the most appropriate response put in train.”

Telecare offers individuals, their families and carers, security and peace of mind, through services that enable people to stay independent in their own home for as long as possible. One of the simplest forms of Telecare is a personal alarm. This alarm consists of a button, often in the form of a pendant worn around the neck, or on the wrist, and a base unit that works with your telephone system.

When you push your alarm button, your call will go via your telephone line to the SeftonArc monitoring centre, which is staffed by trained operators, and who will answer your alarm call on any day of the year, 24 hours a day.

The base unit is a two way device, enabling you to talk to the staff the monitoring centre, and for them to talk to you.  SeftonArc staff are trained to quickly assess the problem and organise the most appropriate assistance for you.  If it’s a false alarm don’t worry, they will be glad to hear that all is well!!

For those customers who are active outside the home we are able to offer an alternative product – the ArcAngel. The ArcAngel uses GPS and mobile phone technology to locate you – wherever you are. At the push of a button you will be connected immediately to our Alarm Receiving Centre, where our trained operators will provide whatever support is needed.

For those individuals who need more specialist help to remain in their own home, passive monitoring equipment is also available. This enhanced form of Telecare enables usual behaviour patterns to be monitored, and for changes outside of normal behavioural patterns (for example not getting out of bed at the usual time or leaving the house late at night) to instigate an appropriate action.  Telecare monitoring covers a wide range of needs, and is intended to support people and enable them to continue living in their own home, independently or with the assistance of carers, for as long as possible.  It also supports carers and families by providing additional help and support with caring responsibilities and all-important peace of mind.

It is because of this reassurance that there are now an estimated 1.7 million Telecare users in the United Kingdom.

Telecare systems available include:

  • Personal alarms - raising an alert by pressing a button on a small wristband or a pendant
  • Motion sensors - including fall detectors and automated light systems
  • Movement monitoring – pressure activated alarms sensing abnormalities in normal routines
  • Doors sensors – checking front door is closed
  • Smoke and flood detectors - raising an instant alarm to the monitoring centre
  • Pill dispensers
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