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Mr Yearwood age 90 - Fazakerley Liverpool

Mr Yearwood suffers from dementia and has a history of leaving the house and becoming disoriented - In the recent bad weather he became lost just half a mile from home. One of his children contacted our Receiving Centre and we were able to track his whereabouts through his ArcAngel and in a matter of minutes he was safely picked up.

James his son: " I can't praise SeftonArc enough for their service and professionalism"

Mr King, Site Manager Secondary College Bootle Merseyside

All staff on evening emergency call out, as lone workers, are issued with ArcAngel. In December 2014 an alarm was activated at the college. On attendance at 0200 hrs Mr Jenkins found a window had been forced open. Unsure of whether intruders were inside the building Mr Jenkins activated his ArcAngel and through SeftonArc Police assistance arrived. Fortunately on this occasion no intruders were present.

Mr King: "ArcAngel has proved to be an invaluable tool for those on call and a must to meet our duty of care to employees."


Mrs Jackson, ages 60, lives in Preston, Lancashire

In early 2012 Mrs Jackson returned home from a stay in hospital after suffering a heart attack.  Her home care package was tailored around her needs which included Telehealth services.

“I was initially quite anxious at the thought of using technology to monitor my health – but it’s surprisingly simple really! 

I was given a small machine that asks me a series of health questions every day and also monitors my pulse, blood pressure and weight, SeftonArc then forwards these results straight to my nurse who monitors me on a daily basis!

If there’s ever any variation from the norm the nurse will give me a call or arrange a visit.  It’s so much easier than having to go back to the hospital or my GP all the time and Telehealth allows me more control. 

It’s also given me a better understanding of how different elements of my health work – like my weight affecting my blood pressure etc.  It’s all very clever and reassuring – knowing that help isn’t far away if I need it.”

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