Lone Worker Devices Are A Vital Tool

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Lone worker devices are an important tool in helping organisations reduce risks, improve efficiency and increase personal safety. As an employer, you have a duty of care to establish a safe and healthy working environment for your lone worker employees. It’s also essential for your business to avoid any potential corporate manslaughter accusations.

ArcAngel can play a vital tool in reducing these risks and increasing personal safety.

At the press of a button, the ArcAngel is connected to our award winning ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) where our trained operators can hear, assess and record whatever situation is developing and action an appropriate response. The employer and employee can also keep in touch via the ArcAngel, without the need for a separate mobile phone.

Lone workers can be found in many industries from housing associations to retail employees to social care, construction, parking wardens, agricultural workers, estate agents, key holder, security guards, postal staff etc.

A Roll Call Service is also offered for manned guards giving a bespoke roster or routine call service.

Our equipment Offers:

GPS Positioning
Man Down Facility
Red and Amber Alerts
Two Way Communication
Recording Facility